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The Blacksmith Shop

The glow from the blacksmith's forge led civilization from the dark ages and brought humankind to the standard of living enjoyed today. The blacksmith was the only craftsman to work with the four elemental substances of fire, earth, air and water, which according to the ancients, were combined to create our world. The raw material, iron, came from the earth, the forge held fire, the bellows controlled air and water was essential to cool heated iron and to temper steel. Carpenters, leather workers, farmers, stone masons and every family depended on the blacksmith to craft, repair and maintain metal tools and objects. The skills of the blacksmith made possible the Industrial Revolution that drove him into obscurity.

Five lesson plans are available for the Blacksmith in Society:

Lesson Plan 1: Economic Incentives for Industrial Development

Lesson Plan 2: Mapping Your Community

Lesson Plan 3: The Cost of Wages

Lesson Plan 4: The Price of Freedom

Lesson Plan 5: Revitalizing the Spirit

Lesson Plan Supplement: Suggested Additional Activities

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Teaching With Historic Places

The "Teaching with Historic Places" program offers a series of short, easy to follow lesson plans based on places listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Camp Misty Mount: A Place for Regrowth:

Camp Misty Mount: A Place for Regrowth program inspects a recreational demonstration area (RDA) in western Maryland, created as part of a Great Depression government relief program.

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