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Be A Junior Ranger

Catoctin Mountain Park Junior Ranger Badge.

Upon completion of the program, children receive a Catoctin Mountain Park Junior Ranger badge.

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Explore Learn Protect with our Junior Ranger Program

Complete this self-discovery workbook to receive your badge! Participants will learn about park wildlife and cultural resources with stories, fill-in-the-blank, puzzles, and games. Participants also go on a short hike to complete a trail activity.

Allow roughly 1 hour to complete the workbook and 1 hour for the trail activity.

Pick up a copy in our Visitor Center or download a copy to work on while you drive here:

Ages 6-8

Ages 9-11

Pre-literate (up to age 6)

The National Park Service also offers a Web Ranger program so even if you are not able to visit a national park you can still be a web ranger. This web-safe environment collects no personal information. Web Rangers complete an activity and receive a secret code word. After completing an adventure (5 activities) the secret words can be redeemed for a reward.

Did You Know?

Young girl flyfishing on Big Hunting Creek in the winter.

The brook trout is a very colorful fish native to the streams of Catoctin. It is actually not a trout as its common name implies, but is a charr, a close cousin to the trout in the salmon family. Brown and rainbow trout are also present in Catoctin's streams but are not native to the eastern US.