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Where Is It in The Park?

A map is a tool we can use to find where we are, the places we're looking for and information about the places we're interested in.

In this activity, you will use a map of Catoctin Mountain Park to find information about the park and answer the questions below. Click on the map to open a new window and then click on that map to enlarge it.
Map of Catoctin Mountain Park. On this map, letter A represents the visitor center, which is 3 miles west of Thurmont, Maryland on Route 77. Letter B represents Chimney Rock, which is accessed by hiking a 3.8 mile loop trail that starts and ends at the visitor center OR by hiking a 1.1 mile one-way trail that starts at Headquarters. Letter C represents Owens Creek Campground, which is on Foxville Deerfield Road on the western part of the park. Letter D is pointing to two picnic areas (one at Chestnut Picnic Area, which is on Park Central Road on the western part of the park and one at Owens Creek Picnic Area, which is on Foxville Deerfield Road on the western part of the park). Letter E represents Cunningham Falls, which can be accessed by hiking a 2.8 mile trail from the visitor center. Letter F represents Camp Misty Mount, which is on Park Central Road just north of the visitor center.
Catoctin Mountain Park map

Question 1. Where on the map is the visitor center?

Question 2. There are several options for camping in Catoctin Mountain Park. What letters show where Owens Creek Campground and Camp Misty Mount are?

Question 3. What does the letter "D" show on the map?


Question 4. Chimney Rock is one of the favorite overlooks in the park. Cunningham Falls State Park is the only waterfall in the immediate area. What letters show where they are on the map?

Park Map Legend. The symbol P represents Parking areas, the symbol with a building with a flag represents the Ranger Station, the symbol of a picnic table represents picnic areas, the symbol of a person in a bed represents a cabin camp, the symbol of a wheelchair represents wheelchair-accessible areas, the symbol of a tent represents a public campground, the symbol of a shelter represents a sleeping shelter, the symbol of dashes represents hiking trails, the symbol of dots represents a horse trail and hiking trail, the symbol of red arrows represents steep trails with the arrows pointing uphill, the symbol of a semicircle on a dashed line represents overlooks, the symbol of a gray line represents an unpaved road, the symbol of blue dashes and dots represents the Catoctin National Recreation trail with dashes representing hiking trail and dots representing horse and hiking trail.

Map Legend

Question 5. A legend on a map is a key to the symbols used on the map. It typically has an arrow designating North and a scale so you can estimate distances. On this map's legend, what does the symbol "P" represent?

Owens Creek Picnic Area has the symbols P for Parking and Picnic Table for picnic area. Chestnut Picnic Area has the symbols P for Parking, Picnic Table for picnic area and wheelchair for wheelchair-accessible.

Question 6. Which picnic area has universally accessible facilities such as picnic tables, grills, restrooms and a trail? Universal access refers to the ability of all people to have equal opportunity and access to the facilities.

Symbol showing a Wheelchair which represents Universal Access
Look for this symbol on the map legend.


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