• Cannon firing on the gundeck of the Castillo de San Marcos

    Castillo De San Marcos

    National Monument Florida

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Guest Speakers

Use our Park Rangers and Living History Rangers to engage your students! Schedule a curriculum-based presentation for your classroom. There are multiple opportunities to connect your school to our Parks. Depending on location and availability, we have the following options: 1) schedule a Ranger presentation in our conference center 2) request a Ranger come to your classroom 3) request a video of the Park or of a Ranger program. To set up any of the opportunities described above, please e-mail the Educational Coordinator.

Our presentations and programs vary. We can create one that is tailored to your curriculum, the learning standards, and the needs of the students; regarding age and ability. However, to give you an overview of the variety of program topics we have had in the past, some examples have been listed below.

Examples of Program Topics

1. "Aren't You Hot in That?" - Join a soldier to learn about fashion and function in 18th century clothing and why it was so different from today's.

2. "The Big Guns" - Join a soldier to learn about the artillery of the Castillo de San Marcos and their many uses.

3. "The British Period in Florida" - When the British obtained Florida in 1763, they seemingly achieved "more" in their 21 years here than the Spanish had in the previous 198 years. Learn about what the British were able to accomplish during their brief ownership of this colony.

4. "Cannon Projectiles and Ammunition" - Cannons are capable of firing much more than just cannonballs. Learn about the any different projectiles available for cannons and what they were meant to do.

5. "Centuries of Change" - Although the Castillo has stood for over 300 years, the only real constant in its history has been change. Learn how the fort's construction, ownership, uses, and even its name have changed over the years.

6. "Contending Nations" - Learn about the role of the Castillo de San Marcos and St. Augustine played in the quest for empire among European nations.

7. "Courage Beyond Measure" - Join a soldier to learn about the life of St. Augustine's fighting men and how discipline and drill made them into defenders who could stand their ground.

8. "Education on the Castillo and in the Castillo" - Explore how different countries shaped the construction and use of this fort over time. In return, discover how the fort shaped the lives of those who lived here, including American Indians who were imprisoned, educated, and thus forever changed by their time at Castillo.

9. "Forged in Conflict" - Discover why St. Augustine and the Castillo are here and the sieges of 1702 and 1740 that helped shape its purpose.

10. "Lock, Stock, and Barrel" - Join a soldier to learn about how his musket has changed over the years.

11. "People of the Castillo" - Learn about the many different peoples who helped build the Castillo and make it the formidable fortress it has been for over 300 years.

12. "The Point of the Spear" - Learn about the place St. Augustine held in the Spanish mind and how that place and purpose changed with the march of time.

13. "Sharks in the Moat: Myths and Legends of the Castillo" - being the oldest masonry fortification in the country, the Castillo has attracted a substantial collection of legends. Learn about the fort's most popular myths and the truths behind them.

14. "Through a Gauntlet of Fire, Iron, and Lead" - Approach the Castillo from the viewpoint of the enemy infantry, engineers, and artillery tasked with attacking the fortress. Learn about the highlights of the sieges of 1702 and 1740, as well as, military thought of the time period.

15. "What You Didn't Learn in Your History Books" - The Spanish Influence in the land that would become the United States is often minimized or completely ignored by American history textbooks. Learn about the first permanent settlement in the U.S. and Florida's extensive Spanish history.

Did You Know?

Map showing the Gulf Stream flowing around the Florida Peninsula

The Gulf Stream was first described by Spanish explorer Ponce de León in 1513. It was the first leg of the route home for the great Spanish treasure fleets. Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, Florida