• Cannon firing on the gundeck of the Castillo de San Marcos

    Castillo De San Marcos

    National Monument Florida

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  • Summer Weather

    Afternoon Thunderstorms can create dangerous amounts of lightning strikes. If Lightning is visible from the Castillo, Gundeck closures will take place. Click this link for the local weather forcast. More »

Curriculum Materials

We offer a variety of materials to help bring lessons from the Park into the classroom. These may be used to develop stand-alone lesson plans or in preparation for an onsite visit.

NEW! Teacher's Guide

Building the Castillo

Map Study - The Defenses of St. Augustine


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Flat Ranger:

Discover the National Parks with Flat Ranger! Students make paper cutout rangers and mail them into National Parks. These Flat Rangers travel with a passport and a letter to different National Parks, asking the Park to mail them information, stamp the passport, and forward the Ranger to another Park. When the passport is complete, the last Park mails it back to the student.

Throughout the year students receive brochures and educational materials from National Parks. Their imagination is fueled as they explore Parks everywhere from Denali to Castillo de San Marcos and learn about important historical events.

The Flat Ranger program includes lesson plans and activities correlated to the Common Core State Standards and the Florida Sunshine State Standards.

Flat Ranger Student Materials

Flat Ranger Teacher Lesson Plans

Did You Know?

Coquina is a mixture of broken shell sand and calcium, making it nature's version of concrete

The word coquina means "tiny shell" in Spanish. It was the name they gave to the small clam that was abundant on the northeast Florida beaches. It is the predominant shell in the rock also called coquina used to build the Fort. Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, Florida