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Become a Carl Sandburg Writer-in-Residence

Download the 2014 application here. Deadline extended to November 1, please have your submission postmarked by that date. You can learn more about the program below:

Writer-in-Residence Mission and Goals
Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site is dedicated to preserving the legacy of Carl Sandburg and communicating the stories of his works, life and significance as an American poet, writer, historian, biographer of Abraham Lincoln, and social activist. Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site preserves and interprets the farm, Connemara, where Sandburg and his family lived for the last 22 years of his life (1945-1967).

Premier Goals
• To carry on the legacy of Carl Sandburg's works and life for the benefit of future generations
• To raise awareness of Carl Sandburg's role as a writer in American history and literature
• To promote the skill and art of writing for the benefit of the community and for the benefit of current and future generations of writers

Other Goals
• To foster professional development opportunities to writers by:
- facilitating community involvement and outreach efforts for resident writer with broad and diverse audiences based on both community needs and resident's needs.
- providing a workspace and accommodation in a listed National Historic Landmark house in the park on inspirational grounds
- promoting the resident writer and her/his work, especially in the area media, with possible news stories, interviews, and web-page features.
• To ensure archival documentation of program.

Goals of Resident Writer
• Positively promote and represent Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site during and after the residency.
• Raise community awareness of writing as a skill and a profession .
• Schedule productive hours on developing a work-in-progress.
• Participate in a welcoming reception and an outreach event during the period of the residency.
• Create a finished work for the park archives to be used to promote future residencies due six months after the conclusion of the residency.
• Collaborate with park for additional goals as mutually agreed.

The Writer's Residence
The Carl Sandburg Writer-in-Residence won't be staying just anywhere, buy actually in an historic structure on park grounds, just around the corner from Sandburg's home. This building was once the home for a caretaker and his family hired by the Sandburg's to tend to the property and farm. Since that time it is referred to as the Farm Manager's House. It now serves as the writer's residence. It includes a full kitchen with appliances, living room with sofa, a full bath, washer/dryer, and three furnished bedrooms. It is climate controlled with heat and air conditioning. There is parking available for the resident to have a vehicle onsite if they choose.

The Writer-in-Resident will be the sole occupant during their residency. Even though it is situated in the heart of the park, it is not open to the public, and far enough from the main pathways to provide privacy and a quiet place to work. The resident will not be interrupted by park operations, and will be free to set their own schedule. In fact, even though the residence is located in the heart of the park, the park sits on 264 acres with no artificial light in the evening, so come sunset the park is quiet, peaceful, dark and still.


Did You Know?

a black and white sketch of letters found on Carl Sandburg's desk; art by Will Irvine and Mark Haines

Everyday Carl Sandburg received mounds of letters from schools, organizations, beginning writers, media sponsors, critics, acquaintences, friends and family. Mr. Sandburg was very deliberate about to whom he wrote back, even keeping a carbon copy.