• Carl Sandburg Home and Barn

    Carl Sandburg Home

    National Historic Site North Carolina



Connemara is a place of true achievement. Through almost two centuries, it has seen war, birth, death, and award-winning poetry and goats. From the Memmingers to the Sandburgs,

Connemara has seen it all and now it is preserved to reflect the remarkable people who have lived here.

Use the links to the left to explore the stories of how the park came to be established, how Connemara was built and the many ways Carl Sandburg influenced and was influenced by America.

Did You Know?

Carl Sandburg's home in the mid-summer

Carl Sandburg was not the only notable American to live in this stately home. German born Christopher Memminger(1803-1888), Secretary of the Treasury for the Confederate Army from 1861-1864, had this home built in 1838 to escape malaria ridden Charleston, SC summers and 1860's war-torn Charleston.