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Ssandburg satchel education kits

Sandburg Satchels
Bring Carl Sandburg Home NHS into your classroom through these lesson plan units on-the-go. It is a self-contained unit that travels the way Sandburg did, by satchel. Designed for teachers to have everything they need to engage elementary, middle and high school students to study Sandburg the day the satchel arrives in the classroom. It contains reproductions of items found in the Sandburg home and museum collection.

There is no fee for the satchel. The park covers the costs of shipping and supplies. Please e-mail or call the Education Coordinator at 828-693-4178 for more information.

5th Grade Satchel - The Great Carl Sandburg
How can learning about Carl Sandburg and his poetry help us to understand the effects of multiculturalism and diversity in American Society? Satchel artifacts include bandanas, bowties, National Park "magic", books, music cd's and much more. Download the curriculum for review here.

8th Grade Satchel - The People, Yes
How has technology and media impacted American society? Satchel artifacts include stereographs, 3-D glasses, books, DVDs, music cd's and more. Download the curriculum for review here.

11th Grade Satchel - Sandburg, The Activist
What are the principals of American democracy and the roles of its citizens? Satchel artifacts include eyeshades, political cartoons, images, books, DVD, music cd's and more. Download the curriculum for review here.

Did You Know?

photo of Margaret's flower garden located northwest of the main house

Margaret, the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sandburg planted this flower garden according to a detailed plan. The park service plants flowers today according to the same plan Margaret used many years ago.