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    Carl Sandburg Home

    National Historic Site North Carolina

Elementary School: Kindergarten - Second Grades: Life on the Farm

Essential Questions
What is a farm and what does one typically find on a farm?
How are farms important to our lives?
Who were Carl and Lilian "Paula" Sandburg?
What were the Sandburg's lives like living on a farm?

Key Vocabulary
Dairy farm: a place where milk is gathered from a milk producing animal such as goats or cows. The milk is used by the family or sold to make milk based products.
Nubian: A breed of goat native to Asian, African and European. Large in size, long floppy ears, colorful markings
Saanen: A breed of goat native to Switzerland. Medium to large in size, white in color.
Toggenburg: A breed of goat native to Switzerland. Medium in size, light brown to dark brown in color, white stripes on face, white ears.

Lesson Plans
Pre-Visit Lesson: Mrs. Sandburg Had a Farm
CCSS - RI.K.2, RI.1.2, RI.2.2, RI.K.1, RI.1.1, RI.2.1, W.K.1, W.1.5, W.2.5, W.1.2, W.2.2

Pre-Visit Lesson: Trouble at Connemara Farm
CCSS - RL.1.10, K.1.10, RL.2.10, SL.K.1, SL.2.1, SL.K.6, SL.1.6, SL.2.6

On-Site Lesson: Goat Barn Visit
CCSS - W.1.5, W.1.7, SL.K.4, SL.1.1, SL.1.6, SL.2.2

Post-Visit Lesson: Poetry
CCSS - RL.1.4, W.1.5, W.1.7, SL.1.1, SL.1.6

Did You Know?

black and white sketch of binoculars; art by Will Irvine and Mark Haines

These binoculars were used quite a lot by both Mrs. Sandburg and her daughter Margaret. They loved watching birds from inside their home or while walking in the woods or through the pastures. Margaret identified over 100 species of birds on the property during her lifetime at Connemara.