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    Carl Sandburg Home

    National Historic Site North Carolina

Elementary School Third to Fifth Grades: Sandburg Through Time

Common Core State Standards
Each lesson identifies which standards it supports. These lessons can be used to plan for a visit to the Sandburg Home or as stand-alone lessons in the classroom.

Students will explore two of Sandburg's literary genres: autobiography/biography and poetry. Poetry will be read-aloud and physically expressed. Carl Sandburg and Abraham Lincoln are the subjects of autobiography and biography. Mrs. Sandburg's prize-winning dairy goats are the focus of learning about the properties of goats milk, how it's different from cow's milk and how goat's digest differently than humans.

Pre-Visit Lesson: Connemara Farm
CCSS - RI.4.7, RI.4.3
NC Essential Standards Science - 5.L.1, 3.L.1

Pre-VIsit Lesson: Poets and Poetry
CCSS - W.4.4, SL.4.1
NC Essential Standards - 3.H.1, 4.H.2, 5.H.2

Pre-Visit Lesson: Sandburg Through Time - Growing Up
CCSS - RI.4.3, RI.4.7, W.4.6, W.4.8, SL.4.1, SL.4.5

On-Site Lesson: Sandburg Through Time - From Prairie Town Boy to Famous Writer
CCSS - RI.4.7, W.4.8, W.4.4, SL.4.1
NC Essential Standards 3.H.1, 4.H.2, 5.H.2

On-Site Lesson: Sandburg's Writing "Spring Grass"
CCSS RL.4.4, RL.4.2, SL.4.1

Post-Visit Lesson: Sandburg Through Time - Autobiographical Poem
CCSS - RL.4.2, RL.3.10, RL.4.10, RL.5.10, W.3.5, W.4.5, W.5.5, W.4.4, W.5.4, SL3.1, SL.4.1, SL.5.1

Post-Visit Lesson: Sandburg and Lincoln
CCSS - RI.3.1, RI.4.3, RI.5.3
NC Essential Standards - 3.H.1, 3.H.2, 4.H.1

Post-Visit Lesson: Why Goat's Milk?
CCSS - RI.3.2, RI.4.2, Ri.5.2, W.3.2, W.4.2, W.5.2, SL.3.1, SL.4.1, SL.5.1
NC Essential Standards Science - 3.L.1, 5.L.1


Did You Know?

black and white photo of Carl Sandburg playing one of his many guitars

Carl Sandburg collected American folk songs from the time he was 19 years old. He published a book entitled "The American Songbag" from this collection and even learned a few chords on the guitar. He would entertain audiences after poetry recitals with his unique renditions of these songs.