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    Cane River Creole

    National Historical Park Louisiana


Live Oak Near Oak Slave Tenant Cabin

A rare snowfall at Oakland.

NPS photo

Summertime is hot and very humid. Since shade is limited, visitors may want to bring their own hats and umbrellas. We also advise that you bring bottled water.

Winter is relatively mild with measurable snowfall every 5-10 years.

Spring and fall can be unpredictable with both summer and winter like temperatures.

Average rainfall is approximately 55-60 inches per year. The area is also subject to severe thunderstorms, hail, damaging winds, and tornadoes.

Umbrellas and rubber boots are available at the Oakland Plantation pavilion.

Did You Know?

Well Tools

The proficiency of enslaved blacksmiths such as Solomon Williams can be seen in iron latches and hinges, in numerous grave crosses from the cemetery, and in a collection of skillfully made well-drilling tools found on Oakland Plantation.