• Courtesy of Charles Ward

    Cane River Creole

    National Historical Park Louisiana

Oakland Bottle Garden


According to Christi J. Longlois, who wrote a thesis about the Oakland bottle garden in 2002.... " The original garden, whose flower bed borders were edged with boxwood hedges, was likely designed and planted sometime between the late 1810s to the late 1820s by Emanual and Marie Catherine Prudhomme (Malone 1997: 13). It is belived that after a blight destroyed the boxwood hedges in the 1830s, bottles which had collected in Oakland's wine cellar were used to replace the boxwood edging (Malone 1997: 32). Marie Prudhomme is attributed with the concept of replacing the hedge borders with the inverted bottles.The Prudhomme family maintained this tradition until the present, replacing broken bottles with either new bottles or older matching bottles from the wine cellar, as well as maintianing the design of the flower beds borders by pushing bottles back into the ground as they eroded from the ground after heavey rains (Mayo Prudhomme May 2000, personal communication)."

Did You Know?

Magnolia Quarters

The layout of Magnolia's slave houses does not seem to facilitate the feeling of community. The fronts of most of the houses face the backs of other houses. Perhaps the owner placed a high priority on the look of solid uniformity achieved with the grid-like arrangement.