• Courtesy of Charles Ward

    Cane River Creole

    National Historical Park Louisiana

Traveling Trunks

Traveling Trunks

Park staff members Chris Evans and Claire Floyd display the contents of the park's two traveling trunks.


Bring the National Park Experience to Your Classroom!

For those of you that can't bring your students to the park, you can request one of our curriculum based traveling trunks. Our two trunks deal specifically with the Creole Culture and the Civil War. Each trunk contains lesson plans, videos, and numerous hands-on activities. Our trunks will allow your students to dress up like Civil War soldiers and experience the sensation of ginning cotton by hand. If you're interested in obtaining one of our trunks call 318 356-8441 or send an email to: nathan_hatfield@nps.gov.

Did You Know?

Magnolia Quarters

The layout of Magnolia's slave houses does not seem to facilitate the feeling of community. The fronts of most of the houses face the backs of other houses. Perhaps the owner placed a high priority on the look of solid uniformity achieved with the grid-like arrangement.