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Field Station

Field Station

The Capitol Reef Field Station (CRFS) is operated as a partnership between Capitol Reef National Park (CRNP) and Utah Valley University (UVU) to support learning and research concerning the Colorado Plateau ecosystem. The field station facilitates college level field trips and workshops, which allow students to further understand the processes that shape the region. The program supports geological and biological studies while encouraging the protection of resources and promoting environmental ethics.

The CRFS is used to:

  • Facilitate undergraduate courses across the curriculum that capitalize on aspects of the park and region.
  • Facilitate field trips and natural history opportunities.
  • Facilitate research approved by the National Park.
  • Provide workshops-photography, bird-watching, geology, etc.
  • Conduct field-based scientific research in conjunction with CRNP.

For more information, please contact the Capitol Reef Field Station at crfs@uvu.edu or visit http://www.uvu.edu/crfs/

Did You Know?

Don’t let this happen to you!  Check area forecasts! Vehicle being inspected by park rangers following a flash flood

Less than 0.25 inches (0.6 cm) of rain can produce flash floods. Flash floods are caused by run-off from intense, localized thunderstorms that drop a large amount of rain over a short period of time. They are most common in Capitol Reef in July, August and September, but can occur at any time of the year.