• Spires of Cedar Mesa sandstone in Chesler Park (Needles District)


    National Park Utah

Suggested Activities at the Island

photo: Overlook talk at Grand View Point
Overlook talk at Grand View Point
NPS Photo by Neal Herbert

If you have....

1 Hour:
Drive to Grand View Point and enjoy a broad view of the entire park. If time permits, visit Buck or Shafer Canyon overlooks along the way.

2 Hours:
Visit Grand View Point and Green River Overlook, and hike the 0.5 mile loop nature trail to Mesa Arch.

4 Hours:
Visit the overlooks at Grand View Point and Green River, hike Mesa Arch, and hike to the first overlook at Upheaval Dome (0.8 mi roundtrip).

Half a day:
Visit all of the above and enjoy many of the other short, mesa top nature trails to features like Whale Rock or Aztec Butte. Attend a ranger-led program. Visitors with four-wheel-drive may consider returning to Moab via the Shafer Trail and Potash roads.

Full day
Hike several of the mesa top trails or one of the longer trails like Syncline or Murphy loops. With four-wheel-drive, explore the White Rim Road as far as Musselman Arch or travel to the Colorado River via Lathrop.

Many days:
Use the Willow Flat Campground as a base camp and explore the district on foot or in a vehicle. Backpack into Taylor Canyon for a night, or to the Colorado River via Lathrop Canyon, or consider a multi-day, four-wheel-drive or mountain bike trip along the White Rim Road (permit required).

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