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Cell Phone Service

Keeping in touch: a mountain biker sends a few texts near Airport Tower on the White Rim Road.
Keeping in touch: a mountain biker sends a few texts near Airport Tower on the White Rim Road
NPS Photo by Neal Herbert

The rugged terrain of canyon country is no friend to mobile phones. Over the years, cellular service in southeast Utah has improved so that coverage is available in most towns and along most major highways. However, expect to find areas without coverage throughout the region.

Once you enter Canyonlands, cellular service diminishes greatly, especially in the canyons (and away from the pavement). Below is a rough summary of coverage in the park. However, for your own safety, please remember that:

  • This summary is not a guarantee of service. Under no circumstances should visitors rely on cellular service in Canyonlands.
  • Service may vary between carriers. Currently, Verizon seems to offer the widest coverage in the area.
  • Texting is often a more effective means of communication in areas with limited service.

Island in the Sky
Limited service at the visitor center and at locations along the scenic drive where the La Sal Mountains are visible. Very limited service along the east side of the White Rim Road. No service on the west side of the White Rim (between White Crack and the Mineral Bottom Road) or elsewhere in the backcountry.

The Needles
Little to no service, even in the developed areas (e.g. visitor center, campground).

Limited service on the Orange Cliffs mesa (e.g. Hans Flat) where the La Sal Mountains are visible. Little to no service in the backcountry.

No service.


Satellite phones are a fairly reliable means of communication in Canyonlands. Visitors should expect dropped calls and periodic lack of service when satellites are not in a position to transmit.

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