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Be A Junior Ranger

Earn Your Junior Ranger Patch
Canaveral Junior Ranger Patch

Earn your Junior Ranger patch and certificate by participating in the Basic Junior Ranger Program.

Annual Junior Ranger Day at Canaveral National Seashore on Saturday, April 19th






Basic Junior Ranger Program. Children are required to attend three park programs, pick up a bag of trash in the park and do a special arts & crafts program on their own showing what they've learned during their time in the park. After completion of all the activities children are awarded a Junior Ranger patch and certificate.

One Day Junior Ranger Program. Children may pick up a Junior Ranger Activity Book at the Visitor Information Center or the South District Fee Booth. Once they have completed the activities and returned the book, the child will receive a Junior Ranger sticker and certificate.

Junior Ranger Activity Book

Contact the Junior Ranger Program Manager by email

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