Field Trip Program

Sea Turtles

Loggerhead Sea Turtle Nesting


The students will gain a greater understanding of sea turtles and some of the reasons they are endangered with an interactive discussion using props and visual aids at the Keeper's Quarters. From there we will head the beach to determine what makes a good nesting location for a sea turtle and look closer at the life of a sea turtle hatchling.

2 Hour Program


Education Coordinator
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Aquatic Studies, Architecture (Building Styles and Methods), Biodiversity, Biology: Animals, Biology: Plants, Botany, Civic Engagement, Climate, Climate Change, Conservation, Design, Ecological Engineering, Ecology, Education, Environment, Environmental Law, Geography, Government, Health, History, Landscapes, Law, Marine Biology, Oceanography, Oceans, Planning/Development, Public Policy, Recreation / Leisure / Tourism, Recreation Ecology, Safety, Science and Technology, Statistics, Wilderness, Wildlife Biology, Wildlife Management
National/State Standards:
Fourth Grade: 4.L.1.1, 4.L.1.2, 4.L.1.3, and 4.L.1.4
Fifth Grade: 5.L.2.1, 5.L.2.2, 5.L.2.3, 5.L.3.1, and 5.L.3.2
Sixth Grade: 6.L.2.1 and 6.L.2.3
Field Trip Program