Field Trip Program

Lighthouses and Lighthouse Keepers

Historically Costumed Lighthouse Keeper and Wife


In the shadow of the Cape Lookout Lighthouse we will look into why this part of the coast received the nickname "Graveyard of the Atlantic". Through an interactive discussion students will address the hazards ships faced navigating off our coast and how aids to navigation helped. To get a first-hand view what life was like at Cape Lookout Lighthouse we will read from the diary of Keeper Gillikan, who keep the light from 1923-1925.

2 Hour Program


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African American History and Culture, Anthropology, Architecture (Building Styles and Methods), Art, Civic Engagement, Civil War, Climate, Climate Change, Colonial History, Commerce and Industry, Community, Conservation, Earth Science, Ecology, Economics, Education, Engineering, Family Life, Geography, Geology, Government, Historic Preservation, History, Immigration, International Relations, Inventions / Inventors, Literature, Maritime History, Mathematics, Military and Wartime History, Museum Studies, Oceans, Pioneer America, Planning/Development, Political Science, Public Policy, Reading, Reconstruction, Recreation / Leisure / Tourism, Safety, Science and Technology, Science History, Social Studies, Sociology, Statistics, Transportation, U.S. Presidents, Women's History, Writing
National/State Standards:
Third Grade: 3.G.1.3, 3.G.1.4, 3.C&G.2.1, and 3.C&G.2.2
Fourth Grade: 4.G.1.1, 4.G.1.3, 4.G.1.4, 4.C.1.1, 4.C.1.2, 4.H.2.1, and 4.H.2.2
Eighth Grade: 8.H.2.1, 8.H.3.4, and 8.G.1.1
Field Trip Program