Field Trip Program

Coastal Creatures

Black Skimmers


We will explore the diverse ecosystems that Cape Lookout has to offer. Students will discover the adaptations of plants and animals that help them survive in a place where change is constant. This program can take place almost anywhere in the park.

2 Hour Program


Education Coordinator
(252) 728-2250 ext. 3002


Aquatic Studies, Art, Biodiversity, Biology: Animals, Biology: Plants, Botany, Climate, Climate Change, Conservation, Earth Science, Ecology, Education, Environment, Geography, Government, Health, Landscapes, Language Arts, Linguistics, Literature, Marine Biology, Oceanography, Oceans, Physical Science, Planning/Development, Public Policy, Reading, Reconstruction, Recreation / Leisure / Tourism, Recreation Ecology, Safety, Wilderness, Wildlife Biology, Wildlife Management, Writing
National/State Standards:
Fourth Grade: 4.L.1.1, 4.L.1.2, 4.L.1.3, and 4.L.1.4
Fifth Grade: 5.L.2.1, 5.L.2.2, 5.L.2.3, 5.L.3.1, and 5.L.3.2
Sixth Grade: 6.L.2.1 and 6.L.2.3
Field Trip Program