Lesson Plan

Conflict on the Coast and Lighthouse Technology

Coast Guardsman patrolling beaches during WWII

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Grade Level:
Fifth Grade
Engineering, Maritime History, Military and Wartime History, Science and Technology, World War II
2 on-site session of 60 minutes
Group Size:
Up to 24 (4-8 breakout groups)
National/State Standards:
5.H.1.3, 5.G.1.3, 5.E.1.2, and 5.C.1.3


Students will look at lighthouse concepts, the need for lighthouses on the NC coast, and interactively look at the “Lighthouse Technology Timeline”.  Students will engage in an activity that will examine the role of NC coastal lighthouses during the Civil War and World War II.


The learner will be able to:

  • Understand how the technology of the lighthouses and lanterns has changed over the past several hundred years. 
  • Understand how Cape Lookout's lighthouse has changed since the first lighthouse of 1812 was built.
  • Be able to build a timeline of the lighthouse and lantern technology and understand how timelines function.