Group Volunteer Projects

Volunteer groups carry out a wide variety of projects. From conducting a beach clean-up to trimming vegetation along boardwalks and nature trails, volunteer groups provide the many hands needed to greatly enhance park facilities and habitats. Follow one of the links below to learn how your group can become involved.

Spring, Fall and Winter beach clean-up--Trash greatly affects the health of wildlife, habitats and humans. Besides the harm it can cause to our wildlife, for the people who come to Cape Lookout National Seashore to explore, swim, fish, camp and kayak, trash is not a welcome sighting. Most of our visitors already help us with the removal of the trash from their picnic or camping trip. However, with every storm, and even the everyday winds, waves and currents of ocean and sound waters, trash arrives on our beaches. With this job, many hands can make a huge difference!

Invasive plant species removal--Non-native plants growing in the park’s marshes and grasslands can cause havoc for our native plants and the animals that depend on them. Getting rid of them is often a wet and muddy job, but a very necessary one. Are you up to the challenge?

Schedule Your Work Day

Call the Volunteer Coordinator at 252-728-2250 ext. 3008 to learn more about these and other opportunities and to plan your work day!

Attention Scouts!

Complete at least 10 hours of volunteer service (or a combination of volunteering and attending ranger programs) and you can earn a Resource Stewardship Scout Ranger patch. More information can be found on the Scout Rangers webpage.

Did You Know?