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The National Park Service turns 100 on August 25, 2016. To us, it's not about cakes and candles — it's about being an organization ready to take on the challenges of our second century. Our blueprint to get there — A Call to Action — outlines the innovative work we want to accomplish. Every partner, program, and park plays a dynamic role in realizing that vision. Take a look at what we're doing and get involved!

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  • Grand Canyon National Park

    Grand Canyon National Park Tourism Creates Over $467 Million in Economic Benefit

    Visitors viewing sunset from Mather Point

    Visitors to Grand Canyon National Park contribute over $467 million to the economony of Nortern Arizona and the surrounding area and support over 7,300 jobs. Read more

  • Grand Canyon National Park

    Grand Canyon School's Class of 2016

    Grand Canyon School's class of 2016 pose for a group photo - 18 individuals

    Grand Canyon School, the only K-12 school located inside a national park, had been participating in ranger programs designed specifically for each of their grade levels since 2005. But when the NPS “Call to Action” went out, (Action 15 – A Class Act,) challenged us to adopt a Class of 2016 graduates on a deeper level, Grand Canyon’s environmental education team responded to the call. Read more

  • Grand Canyon National Park

    History Comes Alive at Grand Canyon

    Seven individuals from Grand Canyon's past playing cards.

    Visitors traveled back in time and met eight of Grand Canyon National Park's most influential people during "Echoes from the Canyon", a living history event that took place on Friday, August 3, 2012. Read more

  • Cane River Creole National Historical Park

    Volunteer Writes Short Biography of Civil War Veteran

    Thom holding booklet

    Volunteer Thomas Brennan has written a short biograpy of Jacques Alphonse Prud'homme. Prud'homme was a Civil War veteran and owner of Oakland Plantation. Read more

  • Chaco Culture National Historical Park

    Chaco Receives International Dark Sky Park Designation

    Chaco Observatory and telescope

    The dark night sky over Chaco Culture National Historical Park is one of the park's fundamental resources. The International Dark-Sky Association designated Chaco Culture as an International Dark Sky Park on August 19, 2013. Read more

  • Chaco Culture National Historical Park

    Chaco Staff Partner with Santa Ana Pueblo to Introduce Pueblo Youth to Chaco

    Santa Ana Elders

    During the summer of 2012 Chaco Culture NHP staff collaborated with the Pueblo of Santa Ana elders and teachers, located near the town of Bernalillo, New Mexico, in an educational project. The program brought sixty pueblo youth to the park for several days. They met and interacted with park interpreters, researchers, an archaeologist, and geologist. The students also had the opportunity to study their own culture. Read more

  • Chaco Culture National Historical Park

    Area Students Discover Chaco

    Animas 2nd graders meeting with park staff

    During the 2012-2013 school year, Chaco Culture National Historical Park piloted a second grade curriculum based program with Animas Elementary School in Farmington, NM. The program brought the students out to the park where they interacted with park staff as they participated in a number of activities. Read more

  • Saguaro National Park

    Civilian Conservation Corps Recognition Day

    visitor is reading a sign explaining the history of “The CCC Worker statue” that is placed in more than 50 localities throughout the U.S.

    President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the legislation on March 31, 1933 that launched the Civilian Conservation Corps. In the 9½ years that followed, more than 3 million young men worked in our National Parks, and other public lands and advanced the development of these areas. The CCC Recognition Day event brings together authors and historians, lecturers, and alumni of the program itself to interact with the public to inform them about this important facet of our history. Read more

  • Wupatki National Monument

    Harvesting Rainwater

    Water Catchment System at Wupatki

    Water Catchment System at Wupatki harvests rainwater for use during preservation activities. Read more

  • Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument

    Flagstaff Area Monuments Certified as Climate Friendly

    Workshop Participants

    On July 24, 2012, the Flagstaff Area National Monuments (FLAG) joined the ranks of over 90 other national park units as a certified Climate Friendly Park. Read more

  • Cedar Breaks National Monument

    Operational Leadership Integration

    Cedar Breaks employees use safety equipment on the job daily.

    50% of Cedar Breaks' employees have completed Operational Leadership training. Read more

  • Cedar Breaks National Monument

    New Employee Performance Appraisal System Helps Employees Take Responsiblility

    Cedar Breaks National Monument Staff

    This past year Cedar Breaks initiated a new employee performance system. Read more

  • Cedar Breaks National Monument

    Visitor Use Trends Study

    Visitors admire the view of Cedar Breaks' geologic amphitheater

    The ongoing Visitor Use Trends Study will give Cedar Breaks' staff a better understanding of how visitors use the monument. Read more

  • Cedar Breaks National Monument

    Night Sky Viewings and Certifications

    An astronomy volunteer calibrates equipment at Cedar Breaks National Monument

    Cedar Breaks' interpretive programming now includes star viewing. The park continues to work toward certification as an "International Dark Sky Park". Read more

  • Glacier National Park

    It Is Easy Being Green

    This park wayside exhibit reminds visitors sustainability is easier than we think.

    Read more

  • Cedar Breaks National Monument

    Cedar Breaks Apps and Social Media Connections

    Cedar Breaks National Monument's Facebook page

    Cedar Breaks has released 2 digital applications (apps) and has an active social media presence on Facebook. Read more

  • Glacier National Park

    Students Help Monitor Goat Populations

    International Baccalaureate high school students on field trip to Iceberg Lake to monitor mountain goat populations.

    Read more

  • Cedar Breaks National Monument

    Partners in the Parks

    In FY12 and FY13, Cedar Breaks hosted two groups from the Partners in the Park s program. Read more

  • Glacier National Park

    Outdoor Education in Glacier

    Ranger and kids enjoying the outdoors

    Provide multiple ways for children to learn about the national parks and what they reveal about nature, the nation’s history, and issues central to our civic life. Read more

  • Cedar Breaks National Monument

    Intergovernmental Internship Cooperative

    An IIC Intern answers visitor questions at the Cedar Breaks National Monument Visitor Center

    The Intergovernmental Internship Cooperative (IIC), founded in 2008, is a partnership with Southern Utah University that provides an opportunity for students to intern in public lands. Read more

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