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The National Park Service turns 100 on August 25, 2016. To us, it's not about cakes and candles — it's about being an organization ready to take on the challenges of our second century. Our blueprint to get there — A Call to Action — outlines the innovative work we want to accomplish. Every partner, program, and park plays a dynamic role in realizing that vision. Take a look at what we're doing and get involved!

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  • Timucuan Ecological & Historic Preserve

    Heroes on the Water

    Rangers issuing Access passes.

    Rangers from Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve participated in the Heroes on the Water (HOW) monthly kayak fishing event. Read more

  • Casa Grande Ruins National Monument

    Arizona SciTech Fest- Casa Grande Union High School

    hands holding reproduction pump drills

    How do you define technology? Is it true that Native Americans 800 years ago had no technology? Is "simple" technology easy to use? Park staff took materials to the schools as part of the Arizona SciTech Fest initiative and discussed ancient technology with students. Read more

  • Casa Grande Ruins National Monument

    Ancient Technology Day- Agave & Yucca Processing

    female park volunteer holding woven burden basket

    No plastic storage containers, what are you going to do with your goods? Weaving a basket may sound like a reasonable solution but what is involved with making a basket? Park staff led visitors in exploring this topic in demonstrations and other programs. Read more

  • Casa Grande Ruins National Monument

    Ancient Technology Day- Trade

    table with reproduction items representing ancient trade goods

    How would you do as an ancestral trader? Would you be able to create the useful or artful items that would be in demand? This program discussed trade and let park visitors try their hand at several skills. Read more

  • Casa Grande Ruins National Monument

    Ancient Technology Day- Building Skills

    bowl with mud and hands covered in plastic gloves

    Could you build a home using soil that would last hundreds of years? Why not give it a try? Park rangers and volunteers gave visitor that chance during park events. Read more

  • Timucuan Ecological & Historic Preserve

    Sesquiduadricentennial Gala

    Officials posing at Fort Caroline

    To honor the Sesquiquadricentennial of the founding of La Caroline and the spirit of thanks and friendship of the Timucua and the Huguenots; the Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve and its official nonprofit friends group, the Timucuan Trail Parks Foundation (TTPF), hosted a special event Read more

  • Fort Necessity National Battlefield

    Students Can Now Learn About Young George Washington

    Park Ranger with video conferencing equipment

    Fort Necessity is now offering students an opportunity to learn about young George Washington through distance learning. Washington’s education was not in the university classroom. Instead he learned his lessons in the wilderness camps and frontier battlefields of the French and Indian War. Now any schools with video conferencing equipment can connect with the park to have the students learn about young Washington through interacting with the park ranger. Read more

  • Minute Man National Historical Park

    A minute man visits Iowa.

    Jim Hollister talks to students in Iowa from at the North Bridge Visitor Center in Concord, MA.

    Minute Man National Historical Park utilizes distance learning to tell the story of '75 to students in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Read more

  • Cane River Creole National Historical Park

    New Orleans Jazz NHP Returns for 2nd Annual "Freedom is Coming" Concert

    Elaine Foster

    Park hosts concert in honor of African American History Month. Read more

  • Steamtown National Historic Site

    Special Civil War Presentation at Steamtown NHS

    Reenactors with the Confderation of Union Generals salute the flag.

    On Sunday, March 15, members of the Confederation of Union Generals will "Meet the Public" in a 1 pm presentation at Steamtown NHS. Read more

  • Governors Island National Monument

    Jim and Nance' Got Married... 50 Years Ago...on Governors Island

    Jim and Nance' Holland with friends, family and their children on their 50th wedding anniversary

    With the logistical skill of his Army officer's training and experiences as a general's aide a half-century earlier, Jim Holland turned back the clock one Saturday afternoon... Read more

  • Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance Program

    Urban Blazers Find Their Parks

    Students and teacher splash each other

    In the spirit of the National Park Service Centennial, the Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance (RTCA) Program is teaming up with community partners like Urban Blazers to help students in Philadelphia gain problem-solving skills, build confidence, connect with nature, and find their parks. Read more

  • Governors Island National Monument

    SCA And YCC Hit The Bricks On Governors Island

    Members of a YCC crew reset the brick sidewalk along Andes Road on Governors Island.

    The sun was scorching and the air humid at Governors Island National Monument in New York Harbor this past week, but the conditions did not stop the Youth Conservation Corps from making critical repairs to a historic sidewalk on the island. Read more

  • Governors Island National Monument

    President Clinton Visits Governors Island

    Bill Clinton talks about his role in the the history of Governors Island.

    It is not often a former president comes to talk to your class and tells you about the national monument he established in your back yard, then goes on to encourage you to go out and leave your own conservation legacy. Read more

  • Governors Island National Monument

    Popping a Historic Question at a Historic Location

    Kieran Gannon pops a surprise proposal to Elia Rangel in Fort Jay.

    National parks not only preserve our history, they are places where sometimes you can write your own... maybe even happily ever after... Read more

  • Hampton National Historic Site

    Hampton incorporates Bluebird Boxes in the Historic Landscape

    A Bluebird Box incorporated into the historic landscape

    Hampton staff and volunteers collaborated to install Bluebird Boxes in the landscape in a fashion that does not interfere with the historic appearance of the grounds. This project helps to stabilize populations of a native species that has been severely impacted by human development, and contributes to a citizen science project. Read more

  • Governors Island National Monument

    U.S. Military Academy Pipe and Drum Band Visit Governors Island

    A pipe and drum band parade on Governors Island, a first in over 50 years.

    Cadets from West Point's Pipe and Drum band came to perform and experience some of their Army cadet heritage on Governors Island this Star-Spangled weekend. Read more

  • Governors Island National Monument

    Art Installation Illuminates Castle Williams On Governors Island

    Reflected sunlight on the walls of Castle Williams.

    When artist Daniel Kukla approached park staff about a art installation he was proposing, he was already a fan of the National Parks. In 2012, he did a stint as an artist in the park at Joshua Tree National Park in California where he was quite taken by the landscapes we preserve. Then he had an idea about illuminating a feature of our unique landscape... Read more

  • Interpretation, Education, and Volunteers Directorate

    We Are Still Marching: Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington

    Screen shot of WeAreStillMarching.com; image of Edith Lee (now Payne), 12 years old

    WeAreStillMarching.com is a mobile website created in collaboration with NPS, NPF, Organic Digital Media, and Google. It was developed as a part of the 50th anniversary commemoration of the March on Washington. Read more

  • Operational Leadership

    Are You Clear on the Success of NPS Operational Leadership? Part 4

    NPS OL Facilitator Deborah Kurtz

    The Success of NPS OL is CLEAR Read more

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