• Spring-time view of the seashore, with shorebirds returning to the surf.

    Cape Hatteras

    National Seashore North Carolina

Long-Range Interpretive Plan

Long-Range Interpretive Plan

Interpretive and educational services are an important component of the experience that the National Park Service provides to park visitors and local communities.

The Cape Hatteras National Seashore Long-Range Interpretive Plan offers a vision for the future of interpretation at the Seashore. Achievement of the recommendations outlined in this plan is based on the receipt of funding and on coordination with park partners.


Cape Hatteras National Seashore Long-Range Interpretive Plan

  1. Front Cover Page (pdf file, 33.9 KB)
  2. Inside Front Cover Page (pdf file, 15.2 KB)
  3. Table of Contents (pdf file, 140 KB)
  4. Pages 1-74 (pdf file, 839 KB)
  5. Special Populations: Programmatic Accessibility Guidelines for Interpretive Media (pdf file, 56.4 KB)
  6. Inside Back Cover Page (pdf file, 75 KB)

Did You Know?

Seasparkle, a tiny dinoflagellate that can be seen glowing in the surfline at night.

The beaches along Cape Hatteras National Seashore sparkle at night. When you kick the sand, you disturb tiny dinoflagellates like seasparkle, magnified in the picture to the left. A chemical reaction causes them to glow with a blue-green light.