• Ocean waters of Cape Hatteras National Seashore

    Cape Hatteras

    National Seashore North Carolina

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Protected Species 2012 Annual Reports

2012 Resource Management Annual Reports

Piping Plover
2012 Piping Plover Report

Sea Turtles
2012 Sea Turtles Report

Seabeach Amaranth
2012 Seabeach Amaranth Report

Colonial Waterbirds
2012 Colonial Waterbirds Report

American Oystercatcher
2012 American Oystercatcher Report

Did You Know?

Seasparkle, a tiny dinoflagellate that can be seen glowing in the surfline at night.

The beaches along Cape Hatteras National Seashore sparkle at night. When you kick the sand, you disturb tiny dinoflagellates like seasparkle, magnified in the picture to the left. A chemical reaction causes them to glow with a blue-green light.