• Spring-time view of the seashore, with shorebirds returning to the surf.

    Cape Hatteras

    National Seashore North Carolina


Along the over 70 miles of the nation’s first national seashore from Nags Head to Ocracoke are fishing villages, historic structures, and tiny cemeteries that have helped shape the unique history and culture of the area. Visitors and locals alike often find their favorite places here, even if it is simply a spot on the beach where the pounding surf, the cry of the gulls and the whipping wind conjure up images of a past that has made the seashore and its places what they are today.

Did You Know?

Giant Water Flea

This is not a space alien, even though it has a transparent body, wings, and a very large eye. Giant water fleas grow up to 2 cm long, and are a food source for small fish that shelter in the sound. You can swim with them in the sound-side waters off Cape Hatteras National Seashore.