Support Your Park

The National Park Service cares for America's treasures and you can help.

  • Be a good park visitor. Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints. Enjoy yourself and remember future visitors who will come after you hoping to enjoy these American treasures too.
  • Support stewardship of the park by becoming educated about the park's natural and cultural resources.
  • Be a volunteer! There's nothing more rewarding than warm thanks from visitors whom you helped connect to the park and its resources!
  • Give a gift that will directly benefit the park.
  • Support the park's bookstores. Park bookstores run by Eastern National donate a share of their proceeds to help fund exhibits and programs.
  • Keep informed on park issues and provide comment during park planning processes.
  • Be a good steward by obeying park regulations, including, but not limited to: picking up trash; keeping dogs leashed; leaving precious resources undisturbed, including shipwrecks; properly disposing of fishing lines and carcasses; not using metal detectors; reporting injured animals; and not harassing park wildlife.
  • Report violations and other crimes to help protect yourself, other visitors, and park resources.


The Adopt-A-Pony program helps defray the costs of veterinary care, feed and hay, and the repair of the pony pasture and facilities of the Ocracoke pony herd. In return, you will receive a photo and certificate of adoption with the pony's name, age, and description.

Did You Know?