• The Great House at Casa Grande Ruins stands out for miles

    Casa Grande Ruins

    National Monument Arizona

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  • Visitor Center Update

    The Visitor Center is OPEN! Major heating/cooling system work is done. Fees are being collected and passes are available.


This page is a work-in-progress just as the studies and listings of animals at Casa Grande Ruins National Monument continues as a work-in-progress.


Some of our park visitors have discovered that the desert can be a great birding hotspot. We have been lucky in having talented photographers forward pictures they have taken at Casa Grande Ruins so that we can share them with you. You may see these wonderful gifts on the birding page. If you have visited the park and have pictures to share, please let us know. You are always welcome to use the 'contact us' link on each page.


Of course there are mammals within the park boundaries as well. The most abundant, and quite the crowd pleaser for most of the year, is the round tail ground squirrel.

Did You Know?

The Hohokam grew corn using a sophisticated irrigation system.

Farmers have grown crops in the Salt and Gila River valleys for over 2000 years. The ancestral Sonoran Desert people grew corn, squash, beans, and cotton by creating a flood irrigation system with over 1000 miles of canals. More...