Be A Junior Ranger

wooden junior ranger badge

A wooden Junior Ranger badge like that you can earn during your park visit.

Especially for Kids

Discover the history of Casa Grande Ruins, the proud and hard-working people living here in ancient times, and the story of how they managed to flourish in such a harsh environment. Enjoy activities, games, and puzzles to learn about this very special place. Activities during your visit may include visiting the Great House, attending a tour, helping with a skills demonstration, visiting the ball court, studying the museum exhibits in the visitor center, examining the touch table, and completing activity pages that encourage discovery. Children can also earn a free official Casa Grande Ruins Junior Ranger badge!

How does it work?

While visiting Casa Grande Ruins, pick up a Junior Ranger Program Exploration Notebook at the visitor center - it's free. Complete as many pages as your age and return with the completed book to talk with a park ranger or volunteer at the visitor center. They will review your book with you. When you show you know some of the park history and tell us what you experienced in the park you will receive a Junior Ranger badge.

You can print out a copy of the book (PDF 2.6 MB) before your visit but a park visit is required to earn the award. The purpose of the Junior Ranger program is to help children interact with the park.

Junior Ranger Badges are earned during a park visit. Casa Grande Ruins Junior Ranger awards are not available without an on-site visit.

Click here for the National Park Service's on-line Web Ranger program for kids of all ages.

Did You Know?