• The Great House at Casa Grande Ruins stands out for miles

    Casa Grande Ruins

    National Monument Arizona

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  • Visitor Center Update

    The Visitor Center is OPEN! Major heating/cooling system work is done. Not all artifacts have been returned to display at this time. Once all artifacts are returned- fees return. CURRENTLY no fees or pass sales. Changes due August 26 or so.

Ways to practice stewardship...

We want your time here to be an enjoyable learning experience.

You can help protect Casa Grande Ruins by sharing these simple guidelines with your students.

The Big House at sunrise

NPS Photo

  1. Please respect the environment during your visit. This includes plants, animals, the ruins, other people and yourself.
  2. Please stay off the walls and the ruins. Archeological sites are very fragile.
  3. Please leave artifacts where you find them. If you see a piece of pottery or other artifact, tell a ranger.
  4. Please don't share your food with the ground squirrels. They will eat it but it isn't good for them.
  5. Please don't add any graffiti to the ruins. What would your parents say if you wrote on the walls at school or at home?
  6. Please stay out of the closed areas unless you are with a ranger. These areas are closed because they are fragile.
  7. Please have lunch and snacks in the picnic area. Remember to put your garbage in the trash can.
  8. Please tell an adult if you see anything wrong.


Did You Know?

Artificats found during excavations at Casa Grande Ruins.

The Casa Grande Ruins were extensively excavated and studied by Dr. Jesse Fewkes in 1906. Previously, visitors removed artifacts and took pieces of the walls and roofs as souvenirs.