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  • Nauset Marsh Trail Footbridge Temporary Closure After Labor Day

    A small footbridge on the Nauset Marsh trail will be closed for repair for two weeks following Labor Day. Ask at the visitor center for detour information.

  • Sections of Boardwalk Closed at Red Maple Swamp Trail

    Sections of the boardwalk at the Red Maple Swamp Trail have been closed due to structural deterioration and safety concerns. Check at Salt Pond Visitor Center for the current status of this trail, and for your safety, remain out of closed areas.

General Management Plan

The 1998 General Management Plan will guide park policy and decision making for years to come. It is available here in PDF format in a slightly abbreviated version. The printed edition, as well as the two volume Environmental Impact Statement is available by request from the Superintendent.

Table of Contents

Introduction - Context for the General Management Plan, Legislative Mandate, Legal Requirements, Regulatory Authority, Purpose of the Plan, A View of the Future (23 pages)

Natural Resources - Air Resources, Coastal Processes, Water Resources, Vegetation and Wildlife (15 pages)

Cultural Resources - Cultural Heritage and Ethnographic Resources, Cultural Landscapes, Historic Architecture, Archeological Resources, Museum Collection (18 pages)

Public Use - Information and Orientation, Access and Transportation, Interpretation and Education, Activities, Facilities and Services, Concession and Commercial Services, Vista Management (22 pages)

Nonfederal Lands within the National Seashore - Land Use Planning and Protection, Private Residential Properties, Private Commercial Properties, Municipal and State Lands (9 pages)

Management and Operations - Cooperative Planning and Management, Administrative and Maintenance Facilities, Staff Housing, Utilities, Services Exchanged with Local Communities, Reservation of Use and Occupancy (18 pages)

Management Zoning and Carrying Capacity - National Seashore Management Zoning, Principal Management Zones, Natural Subzones, Historic Subzones, Developed Subzones, Special Use Subzones, Public Experience and Resource Protection Process, Monitoring Program for Resource Conditions and Public Experiences. (15 pages)

Plan Development and Implementation - How the Plan Was Developed, Phase 1, Phase 2 (6 pages)

Partial Appendixes - Authorization of Conveyance of Commonwealth Lands, Interrelationships with Other Plans and Projects, Required Plans and Studies, Estimated Costs (26 pages)

Planning Team - Planning Team, Contributors, Consultants (3 pages)

Selected Bibliography (9 pages)

Did You Know?

Dune shack in the Peaked Hill Bars Historic District

Today, a dedicated group of families, individuals and non-profits carry on a unique heritage of art, reflection, and nature study at the dune shacks in Provincetown and Truro. A recent ethnographic study entitled, “Dwelling in the Dunes”, documents the people who live there today.