• Atlantic Ocean beach at Cape Cod National Seashore

    Cape Cod

    National Seashore Massachusetts

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  • Nauset Marsh Trail Footbridge Temporary Closure After Labor Day

    A small footbridge on the Nauset Marsh trail will be closed for repair for two weeks following Labor Day. Ask at the visitor center for detour information.

  • Sections of Boardwalk Closed at Red Maple Swamp Trail

    Sections of the boardwalk at the Red Maple Swamp Trail have been closed due to structural deterioration and safety concerns. Check at Salt Pond Visitor Center for the current status of this trail, and for your safety, remain out of closed areas.

Nickerson Fellowship Recipients

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Past Recipients

2012 Erin Hilley - graduate student, Antioch University - Myrmecochory and Corema conradii at Cape Cod National Seashore: Is C conradii Dispersal Limited Without the Aid of Ants?

2011 Jennifer Burkhardt - undergraduate, University of Rhode Island - Salt Marsh Macroalgae

2010 Scott Buchanan - graduate student, Montclair State University - Spatial Ecology and Habitat Utilization of the Eastern Hognose Snake

2009 Taylor Harvey - undergraduate, Wellesly College - Sediment Characterization of the Herring River Restoration Area

2008 Jessie Wheeler - graduate student, Antioch University - Evaluating Suitable Habitat for Native Halophyte Establishment Using Prescribed Burning in a Restored Salt Marsh on Cape Cod, Massachusetts

2007 Ethan Estey - graduate student, University of Rhode Island - Recreational Angler Creel Survey of Outer Cape Beach Access

2006 Todd Tupper extension - no additional stipend

2005 Todd Tupper - PhD Candidate, George Mason University - Habitat Variables Influencing Breeding Effort in Northern Clade Bufo fowleri

2004 Cate O'Keefe extension - no additional stipend

2003 Cate O'Keefe - graduate student, Boston University Marine Program - Habitat Suitability for the Alewife in East Harbor

2001 Whitney Kurz - undergraduate, Duke University - Impacts of Biomedical Bleeding on Horseshoe Crabs

1999 Brett Still - intern at Wellfleet Audubon Sanctuary - Systematic Inventory of Park Amphibians (joint project of Audubon and CACO Inventory Monitoring Program)

1997 - '98 Jean Poitras - graduate student, UMASS at Boston - Cases of Intergovernmental Cooperation Between the National Park Service and Local Governments

1995 Aria Brissette - '95 graduate, University of Rhode Island (SCA) - Pond Restoration and Impact Assessment Plan

1994 Todd Rinaldi - undergraduate, Unity College, ME (SCA) - Kettle Pond Hydrology - Gull Pond, Duck Pond, Wellfleet

1993 Scott Shumway - 2nd year award, same topic with match from NPS "Challenge Cost-share Program"

1992 Scott Shumway - Professor, Wheaton College - Species Interactions in Dune Plants, CACO

Did You Know?

Dune shack in the Peaked Hill Bars Historic District

Today, a dedicated group of families, individuals and non-profits carry on a unique heritage of art, reflection, and nature study at the dune shacks in Provincetown and Truro. A recent ethnographic study entitled, “Dwelling in the Dunes”, documents the people who live there today.