Nickerson Fellowship Recipients

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Past Recipients

2012 Erin Hilley - graduate student, Antioch University - Myrmecochory and Corema conradii at Cape Cod National Seashore: Is C conradii Dispersal Limited Without the Aid of Ants?

2011 Jennifer Burkhardt - undergraduate, University of Rhode Island - Salt Marsh Macroalgae

2010 Scott Buchanan - graduate student, Montclair State University - Spatial Ecology and Habitat Utilization of the Eastern Hognose Snake

2009 Taylor Harvey - undergraduate, Wellesly College - Sediment Characterization of the Herring River Restoration Area

2008 Jessie Wheeler - graduate student, Antioch University - Evaluating Suitable Habitat for Native Halophyte Establishment Using Prescribed Burning in a Restored Salt Marsh on Cape Cod, Massachusetts

2007 Ethan Estey - graduate student, University of Rhode Island - Recreational Angler Creel Survey of Outer Cape Beach Access

2006 Todd Tupper extension - no additional stipend

2005 Todd Tupper - PhD Candidate, George Mason University - Habitat Variables Influencing Breeding Effort in Northern Clade Bufo fowleri

2004 Cate O'Keefe extension - no additional stipend

2003 Cate O'Keefe - graduate student, Boston University Marine Program - Habitat Suitability for the Alewife in East Harbor

2001 Whitney Kurz - undergraduate, Duke University - Impacts of Biomedical Bleeding on Horseshoe Crabs

1999 Brett Still - intern at Wellfleet Audubon Sanctuary - Systematic Inventory of Park Amphibians (joint project of Audubon and CACO Inventory Monitoring Program)

1997 - '98 Jean Poitras - graduate student, UMASS at Boston - Cases of Intergovernmental Cooperation Between the National Park Service and Local Governments

1995 Aria Brissette - '95 graduate, University of Rhode Island (SCA) - Pond Restoration and Impact Assessment Plan

1994 Todd Rinaldi - undergraduate, Unity College, ME (SCA) - Kettle Pond Hydrology - Gull Pond, Duck Pond, Wellfleet

1993 Scott Shumway - 2nd year award, same topic with match from NPS "Challenge Cost-share Program"

1992 Scott Shumway - Professor, Wheaton College - Species Interactions in Dune Plants, CACO

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