Atlantic Research & Learning Center

Aerial view of the Provincelands, Cape Cod National Seashore

Aerial view of the Province Lands, Cape Cod National Seashore

Photo by John Budreski

The Atlantic Research & Learning Center (ARLC), located at Cape Cod National Seashore (CACO), is one of a nationwide network of Research Learning Centers maintained and operated by the National Park Service (NPS). The ARLC was created by charter in 1999 as a component of the National Park Service's Natural Resource Challenge. This initiative was part of a broad effort by the National Park Service to expand upon the role of science inside parks in the 21st century. The fundamental aims of the Research Learning Centers are to increase and expand upon scientific research taking place within national parks; to foster research that will contribute to management decisions; and to provide educational opportunities for students, universities, educators, and the public.
ARLC Brocure 2013

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Located in historic North Truro, Massachusetts, the ARLC is located on the grounds of the Highlands Center at Cape Cod National Seashore, which is administered by the NPS in partnership with the private, non-profit Highlands Center, Inc. The ARLC boasts a variety of amenities and support to facilitate research including:

  • Cape Cod National Seashore's 44,600 acres of marine, estuarine, fresh water, and terrestrial ecosystems
  • Laboratory and desk space
  • Classroom and lecture auditorium
  • Field equipment
  • Analytical facilities
  • Housing
  • GIS and ecosystem monitoring data
  • Collaboration with CACO scientists
  • The Charles S. Davidson Memorial Library
  • Opportunities for science communication to the general public

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