ARLC Internship and Fellowship Opportunities


An intern gains hands-on, professional experience in a Cape Cod salt marsh

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Internship Opportunities
The breadth of research, monitoring, and stewardship activities at Cape Cod National Seashore (CACO) create many opportunities for students to learn new skills and gain professional experience. Whether arranged through the Student Conservation Association (SCA) or directly with the Park, internships are a great way to:

  • contribute to meaningful, scientifically-based research, monitoring, or natural resource stewardship projects;
  • work closely with park scientists and visiting researchers;
  • learn new field and laboratory skills;
  • develop proficiency with scientific instruments and sampling equipment;
  • and gain high-quality professional experience.

Internships can be available almost any time of year, but most are designed to fit within the summer break to accommodate students. If you're interested in an internship at the Cape Cod National Seashore, look for opportunities advertised through SCA. If you are interested in a volunteer based internship and are able to make a 24-hour per week commitment, send your CV and list of courses taken to the Atlantic Research & Learning Center.

Erin Hilley in the field

Nickerson Fellow Erin Hilley in the field, researching the role of ants in the seed dispersal of Broom Crowberry

Photo courtesy of Erin Hilley

Fellowship Opportunities
The Joshua A. Nickerson Conservation Fellowship, funded by Friends of the Cape Cod National Seashore, provides support to qualified individuals whose work will contribute to our knowledge of natural and cultural resources within Cape Cod National Seashore, and the relationships of these resources with the local communities in which they are found.

Proposals will be accepted for research in the broad areas of the natural and social sciences. Topics of interest include terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem processes, biotic and abiotic ecosystem components, cultural and natural resource management, and the political and social implications of resource protection and management.

The amount of the fellowship varies from year to year. Housing may also be available to fellowship recipients while research is being conducted in the park. Laboratory equipment and field equipment may be available as well. To see a list of previous recipients and their project titles, click here. To download an application, click here.

For 2015, the fellowship proposals will be accepted until March 31. Decisions will be made by the fellowship committee in late-April.


Other Fellowship Opportunities
Several federal agencies host fellowship programs for the support of master's and doctoral students pursuing degrees in the natural resource sciences. Click on the links below for more information.

EPA Science To Achieve Results (STAR) Fellowship - A nationwide, competitive grant program for graduate students pursuing environmental studies. Up to 37,000 US dollars per year of support. Sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency.

NERRS Graduate Research Fellowship -
Administered by NOAA, The National Estuary Research Reserve System's Graduate Research Fellowship provides graduate students with an opportunity to conduct research of local and national significance that focuses on enhancing coastal zone management. Fellows receive a stipend of 20,000 US dollars per year.

NOAA Coastal Management Fellowship -
The Coastal Management Fellowship was established to provide on-the-job education and training opportunities in coastal resource management and policy for postgraduate students and to provide project assistance to state coastal zone management programs. Sponsored by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program - Another nationwide, competitive grant program looking to invest in future scientists and engineers. Projects include those from a broad range of scientific disciplines. Sponsored by the National Science Foundation.


International volunteer Andre Dijkstra collecting Real-time Kinematic GPS data in a Cape Cod salt marsh

Photo by Naomi Blinick

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers play an integral role every year at Cape Cod National Seashore and in National Parks throughout America. The roles that volunteers fill at CACO are numerous and varied. If you are interested in learning more about volunteering please visit our official Volunteer web page.

If you are a college or university student from another country, work for another country's park agency, or have a background in environmental or cultural related fields, and might be interested in volunteering for the U.S. National Park Service - we want to hear from you! International Volunteers at CACO can expect to gain unparalleled experience in one of America's most treasured landscapes. For more information, please visit the NPS International Volunteer in Parks page.

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