GIS Specialist Mark Adams takes an elevation measurement at the Herring River dike.

NPS Photo

The mission of the ARLC is to promote research and information exchange on the physical and biological systems within or affecting Cape Cod National Seashore. As part of the National Park Service's effort to "improve park management through greater reliance on scientific knowledge," research is closely coordinated between the ARLC and the Cape Cod Ecosystem Monitoring (CCEM) program. Also a product of the Natural Resource Challenge, the CCEM program maintains as its primary goal to develop and implement robust monitoring methods and collect and analyze long-term data that will help park managers make sound stewardship decisions. Ecosystem-based, issue-oriented monitoring programs have been instituted to establish a baseline for long-term ecological monitoring. Together the ARLC and the CCEM program comprise a strong network of research facilitation and information exchange that integrates natural resource data into management planning and decision making.

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