• Atlantic Ocean beach at Cape Cod National Seashore

    Cape Cod

    National Seashore Massachusetts

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  • Access at seashore locations

    Sections of the boardwalk at the Red Maple Swamp Trail have been closed due to structural deterioration and safety concerns. Check at Salt Pond Visitor Center for the current status of this trail, and for your safety, remain out of closed areas.

Curriculum Materials

The National Park Service has prepared a series of lesson plans which cover a variety of topics useful in the classroom and on site at Cape Cod National Seashore. These plans provide background information, student reading materials, and on site and off site activities. Groups visiting Cape Cod National Seashore for any time period, ranging from a day to a week will find these materials useful.

Climate Challenge Lessons

History Keepers

Marine Debris Survey

Erosion... Harmful or Helpful?

The Mayflower landed here.

Recycle... we have an alternative.

Marconi: "Beyond the Horizon"

Penniman House: A Whaling Story

Captain Edward Penniman: the house and family in photographs

Did You Know?

seasonal freshwater wetlands in the Province Lands

135 acres of seasonal freshwater wetlands exist across the dune landscape of Cape Cod National Seashore's Province Lands. These wetlands which typically dry down by mid-summer, support plants, serve as breeding areas for Spadefoot and Fowler’s toads, and provide drinking water for wildlife.