Built to keep people out; now welcomes millions in.

Located at the southern tip of Manhattan Island, Castle Clinton stands where New York City began, and represents not only the city’s growth, but the growth of a nation. Initially intended to prevent a British invasion in 1812, the fortification has transformed over the years to welcome theatergoers, immigrants, sightseers, and now, millions of visitors to New York Harbor.


Kim Hanley as Mary Pickersgill

Women's History Mary Pickersgill

Celebrate Women's History Month on 3/23/16 and meet Mary Pickersgill. She sewed the famous flag from the War of 1812 found in the Smithsonian today.

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Every Kid in a Park

Every Kid in a Park

The Every Kid in a Park initiative invites every 4th grade student to visit a national park during the 2015 - 2016 school year for free.

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Castle Garden Immigration Station

Its history is as diverse as the city it is in.

An amazing example of adaptive reuse, Castle Clinton has changed with the times much like the City of New York.

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Castle Garden as a theater in 1850.

Artful memories of Manhattan's vanguard.

Although the former naval fortification has changed over time, its beauty and activities have been captured in drawings and photos.

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Aerial view of Castle Clinton and Battery Park.

Easy to find...even in New York!

Castle Clinton is located in Battery Park at the southernmost tip of Manhattan, and is accessable by car, bus, subway, and ferry.

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