Permits & Reservations


The Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation (NNPR) has an office located near the entrance of the Cottonwood Campground where backcountry permits are issued and fees are collected for overnight camping. Please contact NNPR at 928-674-2106 for more information.


Most special events in the park require a Special Use Permit, issued only after the park determines that the activity will not damage the park's resources; will not disrupt the visitors' experience, or is not against the purpose for which the park was established.

Events such as commercial filming and photography, weddings and large group events may be charged adminstrative fees, require liability insurance and security bond. Some events may even require compliance and clearance from the Navajo Tribal Preservation Office. Please read CAREFULLY the information and submit a complete application packet WELL IN ADVANCE.

Special Events - This information and application is for events such as weddings and large group events.

Commercial Filming and Photography - This information and application is for commerical filming or photography.

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