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  • Lighthouse Will Be Closed for Seismic Retrofit April 7 through May 16

    The Lighthouse is undergoing a Seismic retrofit and will be closed from April 7 - May 16. Visitors can still access the Assistant Keepers Quarters exhibit from the south door, Lighthouse Comfort Station, and Kelp Forest Overlook. Call 619-557-5450.

  • Visitor Center Scheduled to be Closed May 19 through June 16

    The Visitor Center will be undergoing a Seismic Retrofit and will be closed. Visitors will still be able to access the Auditorium, Ballast View and the East Patio. These dates are subject to change. Please call 619 557-5450 for updated information


Park rangers at Cabrillo National Monument
Park Ranger is just one type of employee you'll see in National Parks.
NPS Photo


Looking for a job in a National Park? Click here to visit the U.S. Office of Personnel Management's USAJobs website. Job announcements for available positions at all National Parks, including Cabrillo National Monument, will be posted there. To find a National Park Service vacancy announcement on USAJobs, follow these steps:

  • Click on Search Jobs
  • Click on Agency Search
  • Under Department, scroll down to Interior, then National Park Service
  • Choose your Location
  • Choose your Occupational Series
  • Enter Salary Range or Pay Grade (optional)
  • Choose Applicant Eligibility
  • Click on Search for Jobs

Be sure to read the vacancy announcement carefully for requirements, important deadlines, and filing instructions.

Vacancy announcements on USAJobs are also an excellent way to see what skills, experience, and education the National Park Service requires for specific types of jobs.

Be sure to check the site frequently, as new announcements are posted daily. Good luck!

Did You Know?

16th century galleons

Did you know that no one knows for sure where 16th century explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo was born or what he looked like?