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  • Lighthouse Will Be Closed for Seismic Retrofit April 7 through May 16

    The Lighthouse is undergoing a Seismic retrofit and will be closed from April 7 - May 16. Visitors can still access the Assistant Keepers Quarters exhibit from the south door, Lighthouse Comfort Station, and Kelp Forest Overlook. Call 619-557-5450.

  • Visitor Center Scheduled to be Closed May 19 through June 16

    The Visitor Center will be undergoing a Seismic Retrofit and will be closed. Visitors will still be able to access the Auditorium, Ballast View and the East Patio. These dates are subject to change. Please call 619 557-5450 for updated information

  • National Parks Week

    Come Join us during National Parks Week April 19-27. You can see the schedule here. More »

Ranger-Led Visits

Ranger-Led Field Trips

Educational programs guided by Park Rangers are available at

Cabrillo National Monument for grades two through six. Reservations are required.

Take a Look at What We Have to Offer


Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo: A Voyage of Discovery

PROGRAM Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo: A Voyage of Discovery


3, 4, and 5


September through mid-June

Learn all about Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, the first European exlplorer to visit present-day San Diego, and the meaning of his 1542 expedition.

Life in the Intertidal Zones

PROGRAM Life in the Intertidal Zones


3, 4, and 5


January through mid-June

Discover the remarkable plants and animals that live in this intertidal environment. Students will study intertidal plant and animal adaptations for survival in this harsh environment. Students will conduct a field survey of intertidal life. Important: Groups visiting the tidepools must have vehicle transportation to this area, as there is no trail, and the road to the tidepools is unsafe for pedestrian traffic. Call early, these programs fill up fast!!!

The Kumeyaay Supermarket: Native American Plant Uses

PROGRAM Kumeyaay Supermarket
GRADES 3, 4, and 5
OFFERED October through mid-June

Walk the Bayside Trail and explore the coastal sage scrub plant community. Students will explore the park's native southern California ecosystem and search for clues of how Native Americans in the region used plants for medicines, food, clothing, and shelter. Students will complete a plant identification and plant-use activity.

Growing Up In the Old Point Loma Lighthous

PROGRAM Lighthouse
OFFERED October through mid-June

Visit the Old Point Loma Lighthouse and step back in time. Students will imagine living the life of the lightkeeper and his family in the 1880s. The activity includes a walk through the Old Point Loma Lighthouse.

Reconstructing 1542 and its Legacy (Off-site program)

PROGRAM Reconstructing 1542 and its Legacy


3, 4, and 5


September through mid-June

Journey back to the first European exploration of the California Coast. Students will discover who Cabrillo and his crew were, what shipboard life in 1542 was like, and how they navigated along the California coast in 1542. NOTE: This is an hour long program that takes place at Spanish Landing (across the street from the San Diego International Airport).


Did You Know?


Did you know that delicate-looking tidepool creatures at Cabrillo National Monument are actually very hardy, and have adapted well to harsh conditions of pounding surf, intermittent exposure to sun and drying wind, and sharp changes in temperature and salinity?