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Feral Hogs

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Feral hog with piglets

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Feral Hogs on the Buffalo

Wild or feral hogs are not native to Arkansas and the Buffalo National River. They have become established due to inadvertent or illegal release and high reproductive success.

Feral hogs compete directly with many native animals for food and destroy habitat for many wildlife species. They can pose threats to humans, pets, and domestic livestock through the spread of disease, such as swine brucellosis, pseudo rabies, and trichinosis.

Feral hogs root and wallow in the ground searching for food, causing soil erosion, which in turn affects water quality. They destroy sensitive natural areas within the Buffalo National River such as glades, marshes, and springs. Feral hogs feed most heavily at dawn and dusk, spending the majority of the day either wallowing in mud holes or resting in dense vegetation.

The National Park Service has been working with the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission and the U. S. Department of Agriculture Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service in an effort to reduce the feral hog population in the state and on the Buffalo National River. Hunting and trapping methods are currently being used by the National Park Service as means to reduce the population of feral hogs on the park

How Can You Help?
Help is needed in the effort to control feral hogs on public lands. Any and all visitors are encouraged to report feral hog sightings and sign. Some signs of hog activity are pig tracks, scat, rooting, wallows, and rubs. Licensed hunters can greatly increase the effectiveness of our efforts by shooting feral hogs while they are hunting game. According to Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and National Park Service regulations, hunters may kill feral hogs on the Buffalo National River during daylight hours during any open hunting season. They must use a weapon that is legal for that season. All general regulations for hunting safety must be observed.

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