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    National River Arkansas

Agriculture Special Use Permits

The National Park Service (NPS) intends to award thirty-four (34) Special Use Permits for parcels within portions of Buffalo National River in Newton and Searcy Counties. In each parcel being offered, agricultural use is limited to hay cutting. The Bid Sheet, parcel description, and maps regarding each parcel are attached to this Solicitation. Permits will not be issued solely based upon the highest bid for each parcel. The ability to perform the work, knowledge of the SUP agricultural program, and past performance will be included in the selection process.

Please use the following links below:
Hayfield Information
Sample Permit

Parcel Maps:
Parcel 1-5
Parcel 6-10
Parcel 11-13
Parcel 14
Parcel 15-19
Parcel 20-24
Parcel 25-30
Parcel 31
Parcel 32-34

Did You Know?

Two bull elk in pasture at Buffalo National River.

Did you know that over 400 Rocky Mountain elk live in and around Buffalo National River? In the early 1980s elk were relocated to the Buffalo River region to replace an eastern elk subspecies that was extirpated in the 1800s.