Grades 6-8


National Parks (Grades K-8)
Magnificent landforms are displayed through short videos and book where students will learn about National Parks through games, art, maps, reading and writing activities.


Self-Guided Gallery Tours (Grades K-College)
A ranger will greet you at the front entrance for a brief orientation to the story and the site.


Pass It On (Grades 3-8)
Students will watch a short 12 minute video about what engaged citizens can do to foster a greater understanding and appreciation of diversity.


Five Icons (Grades 3-6)
An introduction to the museum that organizes the story of Brown v. Board of Education into five sections which are symbolized by five icons.


Scavenger Hunt/Trivia Game (Grades 4-8)
While in the exhibits students will seek answers while focusing and utilizing maps, timelines, music and videos.


For a complete Topeka experience focusing on the enduring struggle for freedom in Kansas, we recommend the following programs. If your tour includes Brown v. Board of Education NHS and you receive a transportation grant, your transportation costs to these other sites will be included.

Kansas capitol building

Kansas State Capitol Tour (Grades K-College)
See the newly restored Representative Hall and Senate Chamber, as well as the John Steuart Curry famous murals.


Rediscover Freedom's Pathway (Grades 3-7)
During this tour, students will learn about abolitionists John and Mary Ritchie and their commitment building a moral, learned and inclusive community at the Historic Ritchie House.


Kansas Museum of History (Grades 4-College)
Visit the museum's galleries which tell the story of the people of Kansas.

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