The Road to Justice

The story of Brown v. Board of Education, which ended legal segregation in public schools, is one of hope and courage. When the people agreed to be plaintiffs in the case, they never knew they would change history. The people who make up this story were ordinary people. They were teachers, secretaries, welders, ministers and students who simply wanted to be treated equally.

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Image of John Brown and Brown v. Board of Education NHS

From Brown to Brown: Topeka's Civil Rights Story

Pick up a brochure today to visit Topeka locations involved in 100 years of history - from the Civil War to the Civil Rights Movement.

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Plan A Field Trip

Choose a from a variety of field trip topics for students of all ages. Bus grants may be available.

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Transportation Grants Available

A generous donation from the National Park Foundation allows us to offer transportation grants to schools within a 75-mile radius.

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Mother and daughter sitting on the U.S. Supreme Court building steps holding a newspaper with a headline about the end of segregation i n public schools

The Five Cases

In December 1952, the U.S. Supreme Court had on its docket cases from five states. The Court consolidated these cases under one name - Brown.

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Timeline in exhibit


What percentage of Virginia's population was represented by African Americans in 1670? Visit the timeline for more important dates in history.

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Join the Conversation!

Hundreds of people stay connected to Brown v. Board of Education NHS through social media. Are you one of them?

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Western National Parks Association Bookstore

WNPA has a selection of items covering the Brown v. Board of Education case, as well as African American history, civil rights and the national parks.

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