Ranger Guided Activities


Ever wonder why the rocks are red? Where we got the name hoodoo? What's a deer's favorite food? Well, you're not alone! The magic of Bryce Canyon sparks the imagination and wonder in park rangers as well as visitors. Spend a few minutes or a few hours with us as we share what we've learned about your national park. Ranger programs are a great way to expand your exploration of Bryce Canyon. They're free too!

Our summer schedule is packed! Check our Ranger Program board in the park's visitor center for current locations and times. Beginning late Spring through October, Ranger Program schedules are produced every two weeks and you may view or download the most recent schedule by clicking here.
Park Ranger describing geological features to an audience of visitors to Bryce Canyon

Interpretive program at Inspiration Point

nps photo

When: Daily - Year-round
Where: Sunset Point
Duration: ½ hr.
Hoodoos, ancient lakes and something called frost-wedging? Geologists have spent years studying the unique story of Bryce Canyon. Spend a half hour with a ranger as we discuss the current scientific explanation behind Bryce Canyon's unique geologic history. Check at the visitor center for current information. (No reservations are required for this activity.)

Geologie-Vortrag (German Geology Talk)
Wann: Mi, Sa und So -15:00 Uhr - Juni/Juli/August
Wo: Sunset PointDauer: 30 Minuten

Hoodoos, urzeitliche Seen und Frost-Sprengung?Geologen benötigten Jahrzehnte, um die einmalige Geschichte des Bryce Canyon zu erforschen. Nehmen Sie sich eine halbe Stunde Zeit mit Ranger Joe, und begleiten Sie ihn auf einer Zeitreise durch die Jahrmillionen zur einzigartigen Entstehung des Bryce Canyons.(Eine Anmeldung ist nicht erforderlich.)

Park Ranger interacting with visitors during an Interpretive progam along the rim of Bryce Canyon

Park Ranger interacting with visitors during an interpretive walk along the rim of Bryce Canyon

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When: Daily - Spring, Summer & Fall
Where: Sunset Point
Duration: 1½ hrs. - 1 mile Roundtrip
Great views, fascinating plant and wildlife stories, a touch of geology, a smattering of cultural history - what more could you want? Join a park ranger for an overview of Bryce Canyon as you stroll along the rim of the Bryce Amphitheater. (No reservations are required for this activity.)
Park Ranger interacting with children during an interpretive program

Ranger and children enjoying a Family program

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When: Almost Daily - Summer
Where: North Campground Picnic Area
Duration: 1 hr.
All of Bryce Canyon's ranger programs are family friendly, but these in particular are fun for kids and parents alike. Rangers present a wide range of programs appealing to a variety of interests. Check at the visitor center for program topic and age requirements. In person reservations required. Sign up at the visitor center. Children must be accompanied by an adult.
Ranger conducting evening program at outdoor amphitheater located at Sunset campground

Park Ranger conducting evening program at Sunset Campground amphitheater

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When: Nightly - Summer & Fall
Where: Varies
Duration: 1 hr.
Evening programs offer an in-depth look at some of the compelling stories and interesting resources that Bryce Canyon protects. Check at visitor center for topics, start times, and locations.
Ranger leads hike into canyon under moon rise.

A park ranger leads a hike into the canyon under the light of a rising full moon.

NPS photo by Brian Roanhorse

Full Moon Hikes
Full Moon nights
(click here or photo for dates)
Where: Open to the public. Visit or call the front desk at the Visitor Center for additional information. 435.834.4747
Duration: 1-2 miles, 2-3 hours
Join one of Bryce Canyon's "Dark Rangers" for a nocturnal adventure. These highly popular hikes are only offered during the full moon. Flashlights are prohibited and "lug traction" footwear is required.

Visitor using Telescope during night sky program

Visitor looking through a telescope


click on photo to see schedule
Where: Varies, check at Visitor Center for specific information
Duration: 1 hr. multimedia show + stargazing with telescopes
Join a park ranger for a celebration of Bryce Canyon's unparalleled night sky. In this last grand sanctuary of natural darkness you can see stars like few places on Earth! more...
Snowshoe outing along the rim at Bryce Canyon National Park

Snowshoe "Hikers" along the rim

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NOTICE: Ranger-led snowshoe hikes are suspended until further notice due to lack of snow (effective 12/19/2014). We will again offer snowshoe hikes when/if snow conditions permit. Alternative guided activities may be offered, inquire at the Visitor Center.

When: Winter, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday
xxxxxx(when snow depth & staffing allow)
Where: Sign-up at Visitor Center
Duration: 1½ - 2½ hrs. 1-2 miles, moderately strenuous
Winter at Bryce is unique.You are treated to a crystal blue sky, solitude and most years, enough snow for snowshoeing! Accompany a park ranger for a snowshoe hike and we will supply the snowshoes! Learn about the winter ecology of our park and how hoodoos are the product of the winter struggle between ice and sun. More information about Winter Activities.

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