Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel in a tree.

Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel sitting in a tree.

Ron Warner


The canyons and plateau of Bryce Canyon National Park are home to many animals. Park boundaries mean little to the migratory hummingbirds, nesting Peregrine Falcon, Rocky Mountain Elk and Pronghorn which daily cross through the forested plateau and barren amphitheater. The search for food and water leads them to the best place to find sustenance and shelter. Many animals share habitats. Ebb and flow of populations is interdependent on all the members of the wildlife community.

In these few pages you will find information on the more viewable animals that inhabit Bryce Canyon.

Species lists can be found by clicking on the appropriate links below;

Please remember that is a violation of federal law to feed any wildlife in the park and surrounding areas. Be mindful that some of these animals may be seen on or near the roads and trails and should not be approached as they may be dangerous.

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