Park Fun

Hey kids!

Bryce Canyon National Park is an especially fun place for kids; we would love to see you here! If you'd like to find out more about what kids can do when visiting our Park, check out our For Kids site.

Right now, we have some fun online pages:

Geodet front page image


Geodetectives -- Do you like geology? How about dinosaurs? If so, you could be a Geodetective by solving a mystery or two from earth history. How will you solve the mystery? Professor Allister Holmes McFragilis and his crew of dinosaurs will help you! Elementary, my dear Watson!
2006 summer lightning at Bryce Canyon National Park

2006 summer lightning at Bryce Canyon National Park

Gary Becker

What are lightning and thunder? Do you know how to be safe during thunderstorms in Bryce Canyon? Have you ever heard of the "30 - 30 rule?" Find out by visiting our Don't Get Zapped! website. Then take the Quiz and print a Certificate for yourself!

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