Be A Junior Ranger

stick fig wearing a ranger hat and a camera talking to a deer


What is a Junior Ranger?

Junior Rangers can be thought of as potential Park Rangers in training. This nationwide program is designed to not only familiarize children with the duties and responsibilities of a park ranger, but also to spark an interest in the whole family for the resources and stories each National Park Service area preserves. At Bryce Canyon National Park, our Junior Rangers must successfully complete three tasks:

  1. Attend a presentation or hike given by a Park Ranger.
  2. Work through an activity booklet completing an age appropriate number of activities.
  3. Pick up some litter in an overlook parking lot or while hiking a trail.
Stick figure holding a pencil and wearing a ranger hat, on the left. Stick figure wearing a ranger hat viewing hoodoos over a wooden railing.
Upon completing these requirements, Junior Ranger candidates must return to the Visitor Center where they will be inducted as Junior Rangers and receive a free badge. Upon receiving the badge, a unique patch can be purchased from the bookstore for one dollar.
Bryce Canyon National Park Junior Ranger Badge on the left and the Bryce Canyon National Park Junior Ranger Patch on the right
Becoming a Junior Ranger is a mark of distinction. These special patches and badges issued cannot be purchased or otherwise obtained except through the dedication of the child and the support of his or her parents or guardians. Parents wishing their children to become Junior Rangers should plan to allocate 3-6 hours of their Bryce Canyon visit toward the completion of this program.

Did You Know?